Join us for the 33rd year of the Lancelin Ocean Classic, like last year Kites will race alongside the Windsurfers in the 25km Marathon event. Both will battle it out to prove who is the fastest on the water. Will Kites retain the title from last year?!

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Kitesurfing Marathon

PRIZE POOL- $7,400

The Ledge to Lancelin Marathon race for both Windsurfers and Kitesurfers will be held on Saturday the 13th, with the 14th as a reserve day (weather/wind dependent). Starting at Ledge Point and travelling to Lancelin beach, finishing in front of our Event Village on the beach. This event attracts a large number of international and national pro riders due its history and status in the Windsurfing world. Currently in its 33rd year the race is one of the longest running competitions in Western Australia and still attracts the best of the best as well as locals from WA, with over 300 competitors competing in 2017,  the start of the event at Ledge point is a real spectacle with the Windsurfers and Kitesurfers starting the race together.

Presentations for Marathon events will be at the Awards Presentation Party on Saturday 13th.

Kitesurfing Twin Tips

First five Twin Tip Kitesurfers across the line of the Marathon will receive- $200 to Kite Addiction

Kitesurfing Wave Comp

PRIZE POOL- $3,000

Nobody needs to tell you that Kitesurfing is cool however, if you want to see how the pros do it then this is the event to watch.  Held on Friday 12th, with the 11th as a reserve day (wind dependent) the Kitesurfing Wave Competition will be located on Back Beach, in Lancelin. For one afternoon this little pocket will be alive with tricks and flips like you’ve never seen them before, as the Kiters show of their skills on the waves.

Presentations for Wave events will be at the Sailors Welcome Party on Friday 12th.



Enter the challenging historical Lancelin Ocean Classic Marathon or Wave Freestyle event



Compete in the historical Ledge to Lancelin Kitesurfing 25km race or show off your skills in the Wave Freestyle event



Who doesn’t love a Jet Ski race, Enter now to take part in the high speed event